About us

IMP Pvt. Ltd is established in 2012 as a Resort Supply firm with vast global trade expertise, specialized in sourcing and importing various types of Dry Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, and other products. We’ve been cooperating with a number of well-known suppliers and reliable manufacturers who have consistently delivered high-quality food products.


Our mission is to serve quality food products with value to maximize our clients' satisfaction.


The Mission behind IMP is to satisfy the tourist community with higher quality food products from spices to meat in their dish.


Our Values and commitment to our clients is that all about to maintain the finest quality in the products what we are bringing to island.

IMP Private Limited Resort Supplies Company

Our Story

As our trade name suggests, IMP Pvt. LTD Resort Supplies Company started out supplying Dry Fruits to the Resort clients in Maldives. Few years ago, a client asked if we could source Market FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLES and we said “of course we can”! A whole new side of our business was born and a wide range of products we have supplied since that time are too varied and numerous to mention. We now have a vast network of organic and fresh food stuff suppliers, covering anything and everything you could possibly think of to help your Resort function seamlessly and provide unique experiences for your guests. If we don’t have a current supplier for a product you need, our dedicated Sales Experts will find one!

Director's Message

Over the years, we have worked with Resorts from pre-opening to opening and beyond, providing whatever is required (including Dry fruits, Fruits, Vegetables, Sea Foods, Frozen Meat, Spices, Processed Foods, and Canned Foods, Fruits, Coconut, Pineapple, and Beverages, you name it!) in your kitchen, to serve and maintain the High quality Food products. We are always ready to assist you.

Managing Director,
IMP Private Limited